Whats New 3D Gerber Accumark V10

Whats New 3D Gerber Accumark V10 ? With Toan Tran review it.

Trims Library
New stitch colors, bindings and silhouettes have been added to create more realistic simulations. Stitches and
Bindings should be applied as Edge Finishes. Buttons and Silhouettes should be applied as trim images. Combine
silhouettes and buttons to create realistic plackets.

Fabric Tables and Fabric Table Editor
Fabric tables have been modified in 10.3. It is important to note, AccuMark fabric table csv files should only be
opened and edited in Fabric Table Editor , accessible via Model Editor. To simplify input, several columns of
the fabric table have been hidden. In previous versions, several columns were duplicated to allow both imperial
and metric values. Now, Fabric Table Editor will read the user environment settings of the storage area you are
working in and present values based on those settings. Imperial user environments will present values in inches
while metric user environments will present values in centimeters.
To accommodate the input updates, fabric tables created in versions prior to 10.3 will need to be updated. To
update, simply open the fabric table in Fabric Table Editor and save. Complimentary version 10. 3 fabric tables
have been added to the
C:\ProgramData\Gerber Technology\Silhouette 2000\Fabrics folder. The
FabricforFashion.csv table is updated table for our Fabric for Fashion library. The DemoTable.csv table is a new
fabric table with a variety of knit and woven fabrics ready for simulation.

Auto Orientation
Automatic Orientation is a workflow enhancement that automatically fills in the “Orientation” field in the of the
3D Garment Info Tab properties form. By default, the Orientation field will be set to “Centered”. When an even
number of flips is entered, the orientation for the pieces changed will automatically change to “Left or Right”.

Simplified 3D Garment Info Tab
The 3D Garment Info Tab has been simplified. Fields that do not directly impact the simulation have been
omitted. In AccuMark v10.3, the “Garment Category” and “Garment Draped Position” fields are no longer

Graded Sizes 

In earlier versions users were required to change the base size of each piece to view a different size. In

AccuMark 3D v4 users can assign an avatar to each size of the size line. Once the setup has been competed,
simply select the size to view and simulate in the Place on Avatar window

The Load Sizes feature makes avatar assignment fast and easy. Use Excel or Note Pad to create a csv format file
with the extension .GTSizes. The first line must read “Sizes,Avatars”. Each subsequent line should have the size
and GTAvatar file name separated by a comma. This file can then be loaded into each model, automatically
assigning the correct avatar to each defined size.

Hanger Avatars 
Two hanger avatars were added to the AccuMark 10.3 install. The ShowRoom Hanger and Retail Hanger can
provide a visualization of how the customer will see the garment for the first time.

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